Friday, November 7, 2008

Update. . .

Sorry it has been so long since I posted on how my dad is doing.

My dad is home. He came home on Tuesday. The Dr. concluded that the stroke was a result of high blood pressure, his diabetes, and his smoking. He is fine physically…he is having no trouble walking or moving. He is on the other had having trouble with his speech. He can read fine. He can have a conversation with you; it just doesn’t always make sense. He knows what he wants to say, he just can’t always get the right words out. My mom is working with him at home. We are working on getting him in with a speech therapist. This will help him the most because the sessions will last longer and will help him deal with his frustration. It is going to take some time but the Drs. feel like he can make a full recovery.

Thank you to everyone that has prayed for our family over the last week.


jkstrib said...

I will continue to pray for him!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Hi Summer. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I love finding and hearing from new blog buddies. Your daughters are precious and I love their names. Isn't having two girls so much fun? We have loved it! I hope you stop by again sometime. Have a glorious day!!! :)

Ashley McWhorter