Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brynn's Many Talents. . .

Brynn is becoming a Jack or shoud I say a Jill of all trades. I am not sure whose profession she is going to take up, mine or Brandon's, but she seems to enjoy both at the moment.

This is her as Hallie the hairdresser. I have no idea where she came up with that name, but when she is doing your hair you better call her Hallie!

Don't you think Brandon's hair looks so much better when it is flat ironed?

Hard at work in Papa's shop building a cabinet

All good workers punch a time clock, right.

Isn't there some kind of law against child labor? Not in this case. Everyone starts working at the ripe ol age of 4!

I have to say, I hope she decides to do something a little different when she grows up but I am sure between now and then she will change her mind about a million times!


Stacy C. said...

Hey at least you know she likes trying alot of differant things! Wonder where she got the name Hallie from?

Summer Laney said...

Have no idea. She is always coming up with different, unique (shall we say) names for everything.