Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fripp Island. . .

We also go on summer vacation with Brandon's family. Typically we go to the Myrtle Beach/Surfside area. This year we went to Fripp Island. It is close to Beaufort. Brandon's parents wanted to go there because that is where we went for Brynn's 1st beach trip and this was going to be Addie's 1st trip to the beach.

I love going to Fripp because there is absolutely nothing to do. Well, there are some things to do just not normal beach things because it is not commercialized. You just relax and enjoy each other. It actually feels like a vacation.

This year it wasn't just our family and my in-laws going. My mom-in-law's parents came and her niece and her son and her friend. We had a total of 13 people in 1 house. Luckily it was a 2 story house...plenty of room for everyone!

We left our house at 4:45 a.m. Both the girls were wide awake and I was praying they would go back to sleep. Addie eventually did (which was a blessing because she screamed the entire 4 and 1/2 hours home...not fun).

Bright Eyed and Bushy TailedBut not for long

When we got there Brynn went running straight for the beach. We (Brandon, me, the girls, Brent, and April) were out on the beach walking around and I turn around to find my child stripping her clothes off. 1st came the shorts...which was fine. At Fripp, especially this time of year(September) there is no one on the beach. 2nd went the shirt...still fine with it. She was only 3 and can get away with going around without a shirt on. Last came the UNDERWEAR!!! I about had a heart attack but quickly regained my senses and made her put her underwear back on and explained how we NEVER go out of the house NAKED!!!

During the day we played on the beach and looked for sand dollars and shells. This year we even found a few starfish.

Addie carried this shell around the entire time we were on the beach.Sand castle attempt

Each night we would go out on the golf cart and bicycles to look for deer.A neat thing about Fripp is the wild life. The deer will come right up to you and eat out of your hand. The 1st time I went here I didn't believe this was true until I saw it with my own eyes.

We found lots of blue crabs and hermit crabs each time the tide went out. 1 day Brent found a crab hiding under a large rock. He work for about 30 minutes to get it out. It was the biggest crab I have ever seen in my life.

I also saw this crane when Brent was fishing. I nearly walked into it before I realized it was standing there.

We went kayaking 1 afternoon. I could lie and say I had a great time but I won't do that. I obviously am not cut out for outdoor activities. We were gone for an hour. I had blisters on both my hands and 1 popped before we got back. We did see a few dolphins that swam right past us.

Dolphins are near the top left corner

Family shot: Back row:Brent Brandon Brandon's dad Brandon's grandpa Front row: April Brynn Me Addie Brandon's mom Brandon's grandma

We went shopping in downtown Beaufort 1 afternoon. They have a nice downtown area. The boardwalk is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have spent a few hours with Brandon walking along it and enjoying the nice view!

We had a great time! I hope we go there again next year instead of Myrtle Beach. And, hopefully I got our Christmas card picture!!

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Stacy C. said...

I've never even heard of that place. I can't believe those deer came right up to yall. All of your pics are great. I love going my places with my in-laws.

I'm glad you found some time to blog.I've missed reading your adventures.