Friday, February 22, 2008

A Sad Day...

Today is a sad day for me, not because of something bad but because my little baby is 6.... yes 6...months old!! A whole 1/2 a year....where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was hearing her heart beat for the 1st time, seeing her little profile in the ultrasound, feeling her kick, and meeting her for the very 1st time.My, my how she has fast in such a short time. She is doing so many new things. She finally can roll over both ways. She mastered from belly to back in no was back to belly that caused the trouble. By now, she is a pro at sitting up. She doesn't tumble over very often. She is trying desperately to crawl...her feet and legs are kicking, pushing, and squirming but those poor arms of hers just will not move.
She is becoming a little person with a personality totally different than her sister. She is much more needy than Brynn ever was. She NEEDS to see and/or hear someone constantly. She is a cuddlier which I love!!! But she does have 1 common trait with Brynn....the temper. We will be working a that!! This morning Addie was laying in the bed with us talking away when she said,"Da Da"!!! Her 1st word....well not really but I was very excited. It was very clear and she kept saying it over and over. Hopefully soon she will be able to put 2 and 2 together....Da Da = Brandon. The 1st 6 months of her life have been amazing! I am soooo looking forward to the next 6!!!....but I am definately not rushing them!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Todd will not be on Jeopardy tonight. He will be on Wednesday night @ 7:30. Be sure to watch.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jeopardy. . .

Todd is 4th on back row

Watch Jeopardy tonight!! My client Todd Faulkenberry is in 11th grade at Dorman and recently competed in Jeopardy's Teen Tournament. He will be on tonight and Monday night! I am so excited for him and can't wait to see how he does. So watch tonight in support of someone from our town!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day...


We are celebrating tomorrow. Brandon has been doing a job for his dad and has not been getting home until late. Tonight was no exception. The girls and I shared a nice dinner together...nothing great just mash potatoes and peas. I know all of you are thinking yum...yum. But it was quick and Brynn will actually eat this. Hopefully my dinner will be better tomorrow.

Brandon and I will have a date night!! We have not had one in awhile. I think we both need some time ALONE together. The girls are spending the night with Mimi. Our plans....dinner...and of course the $2 movies. PS I Love You is playing which I am sure Brandon will not want to see but it is for Valentine's and I think a sappy love story is appropriate.

Brynn had her party at school ice cream party. The kids enjoyed the chocolate and "banilla" ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. They also had a cherry on top, which none of the kids ate. After ice cream each child handed out their cards/candy. A little boy, Seth, was very excited with one of his gifts. He said,"Look!!! I got seeds!!! Ms. Jennie, I got SEEDS!" The seeds, of course, were not seeds at all, just Nerds. I thought it was quite funny. They were all so cute.

Instead of giving candy, Brynn and I made heart shaped crayons as her Valentine's gift. She was so excited to give all her friends a heart.

A funny thing happened with one of the hearts. Ms Jennie told me after the party one of the mother's was in the classroom opening her son's gifts. She opened Brynn's gift and took a bite out of it! Ms. Jennie said she couldn't get the words out fast enough to tell her it was a crayon. I couldn't believe could someone think this was food. It clearly had the crayon smell. This poor women had to feel a little...probably alot...stupid. I guess next year we will have to attach a warning : WARNING!!! DO NOT EAT!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Birthday Time. . .

Today is my Dad's birthday!! Another year down and so many more to go. I won't tell his age but I will say he is just over 25 :)


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rub-A-Dub. . .

Brynn has a new favorite activity in the bath tub....Addie. The past couple of nights she has wanted Addie to take a bath with her. Addie seems to enjoy this just as much as Brynn. She kicks and splashes Brynn, who is sitting near the front so she can hog all the water.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pump It Up. . .

Sunday, we went to Pump It Up for a birthday party. It was a lot of fun. The place is full of inflatables... a hugh slide, obstacle course, basketball court, and a josting area. There was also a rock climbing wall.

People from the party were the only ones in the arena so it was nice. We had an hour and a 1/2 to play. Brandon suggested I try the rock climbing wall. I am certain he thought I could not do it. To his astonishment ...and mine a little...I made it to the top! It was a little challenging at 1st, but I caught on quickly. Brynn even wanted to try. She did a good job. She wasn't even scared! She is going to be my little daredevil which scares me somewhat. Since Brynn and I tried the wall, Brandon could not be shown up. He had his turn and of course made it to the top.

We had fun going through the obstacle course...what a work out! I am certainly not a kid anymore. Brandon & Brynn played a game, if you can call it that, of basketball. Before we knew it our time of play was up. It was time for cake and ice cream!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Making a Chef. . .

I love to cook. I am not the best at it but I do enjoy it. As a child, I remember helping my grandmother in the kitchen quite often. My 2 favorite things to help with were sweets, mostly pies, and biscuits( I liked taking the glass and cutting the circles, biscuits, out). These are some of my fondest memories with my Mama Ann, as I call her.
Since I liked doing this as a kid, I try to involve Brynn in the cooking process. She is a good helper...most of the time. I have to admit I do enjoy spending this time with her even though I am a perfection and like things to be done a certain way. I figure this is a learning process for not only her but me as well. It teaches both of us to have more patience-her to wait in putting in different ingredents and me to be patience with her in that all things don't have to be exact!
Any how, last night I let her help me make a casserole for our SS class. We had a lot of fun doing this together. Brynn got to pour the ingredents in and I got to build memories with my daughter.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Under the Big Top. . .

Last Wednesday, we went to the circus!! This was Brynn's 1st time and she was excited because the elephants were there. She is very much in to elephants right now. We arrived early for the preshow, which was nice because we got to meet some of the preformers. Once this ended, we headed to our seats. One of my co-workers and her daughter, Carly, were sitting with us as well as Brandon's parents, brother, and his girlfriend.

The show was great. I was really impressed. Although, I must admit I was waiting for something to go wrong. You know how the TV programs always show..."Most Horrifying Moments Caught on Tape." To my amazement no one was eaten alive by the tigers, the acrobats did not fall to their deaths, the motorcycles did not crash into each other, and the elephants did not trample anyone. I think I did almost faint at the cost of cotton candy...$12. Who would think that a ball of fluff would cost so much?

All in all I think everyone had a great time. I have to agree with Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey...this was the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!!!