Saturday, December 13, 2008

Such a Sweet Girl. . .

Today on the way home, Brynn said the sweetest thing.

B: Mom, you know what I am thankful for?

M: No, what are you thankful for?

B: Moms!

M: Really, why are you thankful for moms?

B: Because they are helpful and do nice things for you. And you should be thankful when people do nice things for you.

It was the sweetest thing.

I wanted to document this little conversation because I am sure in a few years she may forget that she should be thankful for her mom!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Upward Cheerleading. . .

~~~~~I looking at my post list and realized I never made this post~~~~~

I thought I would let Brynn try an activity for the 1st time. She turned 4 this year. All her friends were doing something so I figured this must be the age when extra activities begin. So what better place to start than Upward Cheerleading!

I guess we should work on giving up our sippey cup before she turns 5!Team Photo2 Silly Little Girls
Brynn IS NOT a morning person and we really realized this about 1/2 way through the season. She just wanted to sit on her bucket until 1/2time and after that she was ready to cheer.
Before 1/2time:After 1/2time:
She had a wonderful season, but we have decided to hold off on basketball cheerleading. We will pick back up in the fall....maybe :)
Brynn with Coach SummerBrynn with Coach GGetting her award

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday....

to my blog!!!

1 year ago today I started this blog...

and I have to admit, I never really thought I would keep it up, but I DID!!!

It has been a great way to keep up with all the things that happen in our lives and to share those events with friends and family.

I have became friends with people that I otherwise would have never known and grown closer to those I do.

I enjoy hearing about everyone's experience and hope you enjoy mine!

Thanks for reading!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Prayer Request. . .

Stacy and family are on their way back to SC. Noah's appendix is inflammed but the Drs. said they could come home. He is supposed to see the Dr here tomorrow. Stacy is going to try to make it home without stopping. The weather is not supposed to be good (snow). Please, please pray they have a safe trip home and NO more problems.

Can you please say a prayer for my friend, Stacy and her family. They went to New Year for Thanksgiving and have not had the best of luck. They were supposed to come home on Sunday but are still in New York. Their car wouldn’t start and had to wait to have it fixed today. On top of that, two of her children, Zoe and Noah, were sick. Noah is still sick. They are at the hospital now in New York. The Drs. think it may be his appendix but are still running test. Please pray for their family.