Saturday, December 13, 2008

Such a Sweet Girl. . .

Today on the way home, Brynn said the sweetest thing.

B: Mom, you know what I am thankful for?

M: No, what are you thankful for?

B: Moms!

M: Really, why are you thankful for moms?

B: Because they are helpful and do nice things for you. And you should be thankful when people do nice things for you.

It was the sweetest thing.

I wanted to document this little conversation because I am sure in a few years she may forget that she should be thankful for her mom!


Natalie Kellett said...

AWWW. Maybe she was just so thankful for getting some new jeans for her =)

Stacy C. said...

Awww that is so sweet. Did she finally get her pants?

snookmama said...

That was sweet! You'll be glad you wrote it down.