Monday, January 26, 2009

Children's Market. . .

It’s that time again!!!

Formerly named Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church Early Learning Center Children’s Consignment Sale

We are thrilled to be having our sale again this year. We will have lots of clothing ranging in sizes from infant to size 16. We will have toys, furniture, equipment & lots more! New this sale, we are offering free coffee courtesy of Bella Latte and free doughnuts to our morning shoppers on March 19th.

Please mark your calendars with these important dates:
March 19th : 9 – 1 and 3 – 8
March 20th : 3 – 8
March 21st : 8 – 12 HALF OFF SALE
***Proceeds benefit the AMRBC Children’s Ministry & ELC.***
This year ALL money will be used towards the purchase of playground equipment.

All consignors receive 60% and entry into Consignor’s Only Night. Also, the 40% going towards the church is tax deductible!

If you are interested in consigning with the Children’s Market, please email us by clicking
HERE . If you know someone that may be interested in consigning with the Children’s Market, please send them to my blog. We look forward to seeing all former consignors, as well as new.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Good Nights Sleep. . .

is what I am hoping for!!!

I am sure most of you could care less about this issue, but I am SOOOOO excited that I have to share. We FINALLY bit the bullet and purchased a new mattress.

The reason for my excitement is that I have never owned a "new" mattress. I have always had a "hand-me-down". We used Brandon's full size bed when we got married and about 3 years ago Brandon's parents offered us their KING size bed. It had quite a few years of sleep on it, but it was a K-I-N-G!!! I surely was not about to pass all that room up. It was great the 1st couple of years but over the last year not so much. Lets just say me and the couch have became well acquaint.

Hence the reason for the new addition to our bedroom. . .I 'll let you know how "well rested" I am tomorrow!

In other news....

The girls had a blast playing in the plastic wrap from the mattress and box springs.

Brynn's preschool is having Circus Week. Today she had to dress like a clown. This was tough. How exactly do you dress like a clown without owning a clown costume? We made it work with 2 different colored shoes, striped pants, Christmas shirt, unwashed hair, and a "hair tie" aka neck tie.I was very proud of myself , in that we went to Target after school today in our adventurous outfit. If you know me, you know this is out of the norm. I am 1 of those anal moms that wants my kids to look nice and have everything matching. Crazy, I know!! I am slowly starting to realize there are more important things to worry about. We did have several strange looks especially from the pharmacist. I quickly explained it was dress like a clown day.

Last news of the day...

Addie had shrimp for the very 1st time tonight. I am not sure if she liked it or not. It took her nearly 10 minutes to eat 1 popcorn shrimp. Brandon kept trying to get her to spit it out, but if you know my child...that was a big fat JOKE!!! She finally got it down. Maybe we'll try again once she has more than 6 teeth!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tag You're It. . .

All my blogging friends are doing this game of Photo Tag and it looked like fun!!

Here are the rules:

1. Go to your 4th picture folder
2. Use the 4th picture in the folder
3. Tell us about your picture!
4. Pass it on!

Here is the 4th in my 4th...

This is a picture of Brynn when she was 8 months old. We were at the Biltmore House. We had gone for several reasons. It was my 1st Mother's Day and we had to get an engagement picture. I remember her being so good while I sat her in numerous different flowers to take her picture.

Happy Birthday...

What can I say about my dear friend Rhonda....

She is a great mother and wife...her patience I envy. She is very determined and hardworking...once she sets her mine to something she does it...cutting out DP cold turkey was a hard 1! Her organizational skills are unbelievable...even her junk drawer is clean. She has a great smile that is warming and inviting to everyone...this is 1 of the 1st things I remember about her. She would be there on the call of a dime if someone needed her...although we couldn't convince her to go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving:)but if you really needed her she would be there! If your kid is sick, Rhonda will be there to catch the throw-up...literally!

I hope you have a great birthday!!!

Thank you for your is a blessing I treasure and hope it lates a lifetime!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Addie's Masterpiece. . .

Today, I can be put in the category of "Mother That Let's Her Child Play With Things That They Clearly Should NOT".

I was trying to run all my errands while Brynn was in school this morning.

I started off good but was quickly knocked off course. The 1st stop was a dead end that lead me to my 2nd stop which should have been the 1st stop to begin with. It took way longer than it ever should have. My 3rd stop was the downfall. I tried to buy an item with the coupon that I thought I was supposed to be using but the item on the shelf was not the item the coupon was for, in turn I am holding up the only register open, my sister-in-law calls and then shows up, and the people can't figure out how to use the coupon.

I am sure you are wondering when I will get to the point and how the title of this post remotely relates to the story I have telling you...

Addie was beginning, no by this point she was already bored and going crazy. I am trying to keep my cool in all of the chaos and somehow make it to the car because it is now time to go pick Brynn up from school. I put Addie in the carseat. She has managed to get a pen from my purse during the whole ordeal. Instead of being a great, responsible mother that we all know I normally am, I let Addie keep the pen. My will keep her screaming to a minimal on the ride to the school, the school is a short drive, and there is no way she will be able to work the thing.

I are all thinking "Are you crazy?" "Who gives a 16 month old a pen to hold?"

Yeah...I know...BIG BIG mistake!!!

The results when I arrived at the school...

She had it on both her hands too!! At least she managed to keep it off her clothes. I am not sure how but she did.

What could I say...NOTHING...I just laughed at the whole situation...after all it was my fault...