Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Kindness of a Stranger. . .

Tonight, we went out to eat...because I am lazy and didn't feel like cooking. I thought it would be nice to go to one of Brandon's favorite restaurants (he usually gives in and we go were I want). We headed towards Greenville to eat at Don Pablo's.

We were sitting at our table enjoying our dinner. . . well. . . Brandon and Brynn were enjoying their meals. I had to send mine back. It wasn't quite right. I hate to send things back, but I did. The waitress brought my new, correct meal out and it was great.

Anyway back to the point of this post. . .

As we were sitting/eating, a nice older couple sat across from us. A few minutes passed and the lady approached our table. She gave us a coupon for $5 off our meal. She said she had 2 and the coupon expired today. We thanked her and she went back to her table.

I was really excited because with the coupon our meal was under $20!! We thanked the couple again as we left.

It never ceases to amaze me how nice a total stranger can be.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Ice Cream Post. . .

For weeks now, we have been hearing the ice cream truck around our house, but we never see it. I have gotten Brynn all excited about the ice cream truck by running to the end of the drive way and waiting. . . only for her to be disappointed when it never comes past our house.

Last week, we actually passed the truck as it was heading towards our house. I was upset. The 1 time it does pass our house we are not there.

Today, as we were turning on to our road the ice cream truck was in front of us!!! Brynn was very excited. I pulled over and Brynn and I got out to wait.

I explained to her again how it worked. You know. . .you pick an ice cream of the side, give the driver your money, and get your ice cream.

She picked a Dora ice cream because she LOOOOVES Dora ice cream! Her words not mine

It was banana and strawberry flavored with 2 gumballs for eyes. She said it was yummy and kept offering it to me. I had to pass. I am not a fan of banana.

She was able to eat most of it before it started melting too bad.

I asked the driver if he would start coming down our road a little farther from now on and he said yes!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream...


Today, Brandon went to the grocery store. . . ALONE. . . with Brynn. Of course, he came out with tons of things (junk food) that I don't usually buy. The one good thing he bought was ice cream cones.

I know once everyone reads this, they are going to think I am crazy for waiting so long to give my child an ice cream cone, but oh well.

Brynn has NEVER in her 3 1/2 years of life had an ice cream cone. She has, on the other hand, had her fair share of ice cream. She is Brandon's child.

I have pushed this issue off for as long as possible. I don't really care for messes especially when I am the person doing the cleaning. And we all know just how messy ice cream cones are.

Brandon convinced me today would be the day she would eat her very 1st ice cream cone. I was a bit nervous to say the least. They melt so fast you know.

Much to my surprise, Brynn did great eating her ice cream cone. NO mess at all. She did remind me that she was all grown up now!

My silly girl. . .
Brynn enjoying the ice cream cone!!

Night At The Movies. . .

A new church that is launching in Spartanburg is offering free, yes FREE movies in the park. The 3rd Saturday of each month through August a different movie is being played at Barnett Park.

There are lots of incentives for going...FREE movie, FREE popcorn, FREE drinks, and chances to WIN gift certificates.

I thought this was a great idea and decided to give it a try. I recruited some friends and we tried it out last night.

Here we all are. . .

The movie starts at sunset and as you guessed it, last night that was not until 9 pm. We got there early to ensure a good spot. We all filled out a quick survey that was used for the drawing for gift certificates to local places. They also had FREE watermelon. I was very excited about this because I love watermelon!!

Jake enjoying the watermelon.

The kids and our hubbys played football over on the side before it got too crowded. A few people brought bubble machines which our kids quickly became a part of. My friends and I had some good conversation.

Before the movie started, the church holds several drawings for the gift ceretificates. You will never believe this (because we hardly could)! The very 1st name called out was my friend, Summer! I hope she enjoys the dinner she won at the Flounder!

The kids were having a great time playing together, but if the movie didn't start soon I thought we were going to lose them.
Brynn, Karson, & Ella Kate playing

Tent that the boys built

Addie with pigtails!!

Luckily it started, and everyone (except Addie) made it through. We only had a few minor disruptions.
Eating popcorn before movie starts

It is starting. . .

The girls...

The boys. . .start out in the chairs. . .

But end up here

It was fun evening. I can't wait until next month!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How Old Do I Look. . .

Tonight we had dinner at Zaxby's. It was so nice out, we decided to eat outside.

While I went in for a refill, this is the conversation I missed. . .

Young Zaxby's Girl : Aw, they are so cute.

Brandon: Thanks.

YZG: Are they your sisters?

B: (laughs) Umm, no. They are my daughters.

YZG: Sorry, my mom just had a baby and you look young.

On a different note ( a ranting note). . .

After dinner we went for ice cream at Bruster's. Brynn asked for it repeatedly during dinner (she was looking right at it). As we are driving around the back towards the front to park, we saw a man standing behind his car.

Can you even guess what disgusting thing he was doing?


I couldn't believe it. They (Bruster's) have a public restroom that was probably less than 20 feet from where the guy decided to make a urinal.

What has our world become?

Are we really so lazy that we can't take a few steps to use the toilet located in doors, out of view of men, women, and children!

Our Anniversay. . .

We had a great night out together thanks to my Grandma, Mama Ann.

This is picture of them before we left.

We made our annual trip to

for dinner. I know it is expensive, that's why we only go for our anniversary. This year we got a deal. I got a $25 gift certificate for only $5 from this really neat website . If you have never been to this website it is great. The only draw back is that some of the restaurants have restrictions on the gift certificates. It is worth it though.

Our meal was delicious, like always. We ate out on the patio so we could enjoy the nice weather. I ate way, way too much. I think mainly because I could take my time and I was only feeding myself. We were able to actually talk to each other and make it through conversations (did you get that, conversationS) without any interruptions!! I couldn't believe it!

After dinner, we (Brandon. . .I was too full) went to Bruster's for ice cream. Brandon really ventured out and got vanilla. He only eats vanilla, nothing else. Boy is he missing out on some good ice cream.

After ice cream, we headed to Academy to get Brandon's gift, new shoes to work in. He has been complaining for awhile now that his feet hurt after working. He tried shoe inserts, which didn't make a difference. Hopefully, this new shoes will work!

Our night came to an end around 9:15. It was nice to spend time with my husband and reconnect. I actually felt like we were "dating" again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 Years Ago Today. . .

I met Brandon at the end of the aisle (or the top of the steps).

This is one of the most significant days in my life.

I married not only my best friend, but a man who loves me no matter how much I drive him crazy, who I can be completely honest with and tells me the truth when I don't always want to here it, who is my greatest confidant, who tells me I am beautiful when I feel my worst, who can make laugh when my day is beyond stressful, who amazes me with his faith in the Lord, and who is the greatest father to my girls than I ever could imagined.

I know I do not say it as often as I should. . .

Thank you for all you do for our family. We would not be where we are today without the sacrifices you have made.

Happy Anniversary!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

**Turn sound up and pause playlist on side before playing**

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day. . .

This is what I woke up to this morning. . .

This morning the girls woke Brandon up to give him his special gift. . .

Brynn wrote Daddy on the card

NERF GUNS!! Yes, I said guns! Brynn had to have 1 too.

I know this may not seem like a great gift, but last year the girls gave him a round of golf at his favorite golf course and he did NOT use it. This year we went for something a little less expense and hopefully it will get some use! Also, our anniversay is in a few days and I will propably get him something better for this.

After church, we went to visit my parents to give my Dad his gift from our family and my brother's family. . . a gift card to Lowe's. I never know what to get him so I usually get him a gift card and let him decide. It was nice to spend time with my Dad today. We don't see him to often because he works out of town alot.

We went for a late lunch at Brandon's grandparents. His parents, brother, and uncle were there. We cooked out and had homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was delicious!

Addie with Brandon

My belly is full!

Brandon hasn't had a chance to enjoy the pool, so I thought it would be fun to go for a late swim. Our pool is not normally crowded, but this afternoon it was. I guess it should be since it is Sunday and Father's Day. We had a fun spending time together.

Addie relaxing and eating a swimmie.

Brynn swam (walked) in the 3 ft part without her swimmies! She also jumped in (with swimmies) and went under the water without having a heart attack! Maybe we'll be swimming without swimmies by the end of summer.

Look at me. . .no swimmies!!

Family Movie Night. . .

I thought it would be fun to have a family movie night.

Last night we took baths early.

Brynn helped me transform our living room into a bedroom/movie theater while Brandon took a shower.

We had all the blankets and pillows in our house on top of the air mattress in the middle of the living room. We had an assortment of treats. . .popcorn, cookies (2 different kinds), goldfish, and teddy grahams. . . all set up for our enjoyment during our movie.

Brynn picked out the movie. Harry Potter. We all started watching the movie and enjoying our refreshments.

1 by 1 we started falling asleep. . .

1st Addie. . .

2nd Me. . . ( I don't last to long when I am all curled up in a blanket and the TV is on, especially at night)

3rd Brynn. . . (the picture speaks for itself)

The only 1 to make it to the end of the movie was Brandon. He seems to always be able to do that.

I believe we might make this a tradition. It was a great way to spend time together. . .even if we did all fall asleep!!

VBS @ AMRBC. . .

This year's theme was Outrigger Island. It was my 1st time ever helping with VBS and I had a great time. I helped with the crafts as I already mentioned in some other posts. They all went relatively smooth with the exception of the bracelets ( it didn't last as long as we thought, which left the teachers with about 15 minutes of free time with their kids) and the plaster of paris incident. We had a great turn out. . .over 350 kids and over 200 volunteers! It was a great experience. I can't wait to help next year!

Here are some pictures from the week. . .

Montana Pictures. . .

Here is a slide show of some of the pictures Brandon took while in Montana. This includes pictures from the plane ride, sight seeing in Montana, Yellowstone, and the job site.

Enjoy. . .

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Martha Stewart we need help. . .

This week I have been helping with VBS at our church. I am doing preschool crafts. So far this week all the crafts have went pretty smoothly. . .

Until tonight when we used. . .


None of us are very familiar with using this. The 1st batch we made turned out okay (which made about 4 kids crafts). The craft, by the way, is a paper weight with sand and shells in it. The next few batches not so good. I would not recommend using the cheap plaster of paris from Oriental Trading. It dries EXTREMELY FAST!

We were able to finish the 1st class (poor things, we try everything out on them). We figured out you have to make small batches (enough for 1-2 kids). By the time we made it to the 4th and final class we had the process almost mastered.

This has been the messiest, hardest, most stressful craft so far! We learned our lesson. . . no more plaster of paris. . . unless we get the good stuff.

I wish I had got some pictures of the whole ordeal.

I sure hope the kids and parents appreciate their new paper weights and all the hard work that went into making them!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wedding. . .

My good friend, Allison Muise became Allison Carman today. I am so happy for her. She has truly met her other half, Robert.

This is only the picture I got before my accident. . . keep reading to see what happened.

I was privileged enough to do Allison's hair as well as her sister and mother. They are all the sweetest people. I am sad that they have all moved away from Spartanburg (Allison to Raleigh, her family to Ohio). This is the back veiw of Allison's hair.

The wedding was held at Christ Church Episcopal. This church is absolutely amazing. It is very old but beautiful. I had never been to a wedding like this before, but it was very nice.

The reception followed afterwards at the church. It was beautiful. We had to leave early. . . before the cake was even cut :( Being the clumsy person I am, I knocked my drink over into my lap! I was soaked. I had drink down the front of me, on my arm, down my leg into my shoe, and on the back of my dress (the chairs sloped down in the back causing the water to build up). I was very upset because 1) I really wanted to be apart of the wedding 2) I was having some much needed time to myself without kids.

This is a center piece at the reception.

Life as a Single Mom : Day 8

My Hubby comes home today!!!!!!

I have a busy day. Work at 9, pool at 10:30-11, back to work at 1:30, wedding at 6.

Some point I have to shower. Some point I have to get a gift for the wedding. Thank goodness April is watching the girls while I work and my Grandma is watching the girls for me tonight!

I would like to thank everyone for the prayers and words of encouragement. Also, thanks to everyone who has helped me this past week with the girls. I could not have made it through the week without all the support. THANK YOU!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Life as a Single Mom : Day 7

Brynn went to work with me this morning. She was not in the best of moods when she woke up, so I didn't want my grandma to have to deal with her. I only had a few clients this morning, 1 was 1 of my friends, Allison. She is getting married tomorrow and came this morning to practice what she wanted done with her hair for the wedding. I was pleasantly surprised that she had brought me a gift.

I was very excited because 1) I love going on picnics 2) I love bread. I haven't tasted the bread yet but it smells delicious!. Thank you Allie for the gift and for being such a great friend.

I had a little break from work today, so I decided I would do something nice for Brandon. . . a little surprise. . .

I cut the grass in the back yard and let me just tell you (as if you did not already know) it is HOT!!! beyond belief. I wanted to get this done for Brandon so he would not have to worry with it on Sunday. His mom is supposed to cut the front yard with the riding mower tomorrow.

Brynn was riding her pony as a cow girl before I went back to work. she is saying "Yee Haw". Her hair looks a little crazy. While we were at the shop she wanted octopus hair.

After work, I met Summer and Rhonda at the church so we could finish and organize the crafts for VBS. While we were there we had 1 craft we needed to make sure was going to work. . . a paper weight. I needed to go to my car to get the sand. I had Brynn go with me to hold the door (it locks when you go out). Well. . .Brynn stops holding the door to come tell me she has to go to the bathroom. Which means. . . WE ARE LOCKED OUT!!!!! And as I mentioned before it is HOT!!! I banged and pounded on the door. Of course no one could hear me, they were all down the hall in a room with 6 kids with a movie going. I eventually gave up on this and went around to the back of the church and tried throwing mulch at the window. The kids saw me and do they tell Summer or Rhonda. . . NO! After several failed attempts, I gave up. As I walk back around the church I see the front door is propped open. My friends finally wonder what is taking me so long. They are panicked because Brynn told them I was gone, but were relieved when I came walking in.

Rhonda and Summer working hard on the turtles.

Me working hard on the turtles.

We are very glad to be complete (almost) with our crafts. We have everything cut out, separated, and organized into boxes. Thank goodness! It only took us a mere 5 hours!

Our Boxes

Our (my) favorite craft. . . the art caddies

I am staying alone tonight. April is staying with Brent because we worked so long on VBS stuff. She is coming in the morning to watch the girls while I go to work

Montana Update:

They are coming home tomorrow!!! Brandon said they just about finished everything on the church. Him, Drew, and the 2 others they have been riding with decided to drive some tonight heading back to SLC. Their flight leaves tomorrow with a lay over in Dallas. They are expected to be in Charlotte around 9:30 PM. Please pray for safe travel for everyone tomorrow.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life as a Single Mom : Day 6

Nothing too interesting today . . .

Brynn finished her last day of camp. I forgot to mention yesterday she saw a "donkey" which I later found out was not a donkey at all but a goat! Today she saw a horse.

Busy, busy, busy day at work. I can't wait for the week to be over!! I did have some of my favorite clients today, which helped pass the day. In my spare time, I (with a little. . . well, a lot of help from my co-workers) cut out most of the ribbon strips needed for VBS. This is another task down only 500 more to do!

April and I finished the diaper cake for her co-worker. We are pleased with the results:

This isn't the best picture, but you get the jest.

Pictures of the girls after bath time:

They both have crazy hair. Addie has a mohawk . . . kind of and I have no idea what Brynn's hair is doing.

Montana Update:

No new news. I missed Brandon's calls earlier in the day. He did call before the girls went to bed but only could talk to them for a minute. Hopefully, they are almost done and will not have to work long tomorrow.