Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life as a Single Mom : Day 6

Nothing too interesting today . . .

Brynn finished her last day of camp. I forgot to mention yesterday she saw a "donkey" which I later found out was not a donkey at all but a goat! Today she saw a horse.

Busy, busy, busy day at work. I can't wait for the week to be over!! I did have some of my favorite clients today, which helped pass the day. In my spare time, I (with a little. . . well, a lot of help from my co-workers) cut out most of the ribbon strips needed for VBS. This is another task down only 500 more to do!

April and I finished the diaper cake for her co-worker. We are pleased with the results:

This isn't the best picture, but you get the jest.

Pictures of the girls after bath time:

They both have crazy hair. Addie has a mohawk . . . kind of and I have no idea what Brynn's hair is doing.

Montana Update:

No new news. I missed Brandon's calls earlier in the day. He did call before the girls went to bed but only could talk to them for a minute. Hopefully, they are almost done and will not have to work long tomorrow.


Brandon said...

Thought I would give an update about the church. We will have to work Friday at least half a day or longer to finish up. Tonight we had a church service in the new church along with the congregation. It was a very moving service. It's just so amazing and touching to see this church's incredible faith. They have been meeting in a small trailer and have been without a pastor for 2 years. Please pray for this church because in their situation it would be very easy to just give up. That's why their faith is so amazing and really has spoken to all of us. Also pray that having a new church building would help them outreach to more people in the communities around them since there is a Jehovah's Witnesses church, and a Mormon church on the same street that seem to be growing. This trip has been an amazing experience and I encourage every church to do missions in any way possible. Even if it is in your own neighborhood. Summer, I miss you all and I can't wait to get home you. Love you.

Alison said...

Brandon.. I am crying right now to see how great God has blessed you on this trip! You and Summer are amazing and Patrick and I miss you both dearly. We are so blessed to have such great friends. We are praying for a safe return and a great day today(Friday).
Love you both

Brandon said...

Just thought I would check in but you haven't updated. I'll just see you tomorrow night. I can't wait to get home. We didn't get done with everything we were supposed to do this week, but it could probably be caught up in a days worth of work. Part of the problem was just running out of material, and the other was building two big porches on the front and side of the church. They ate up a lot of time because they were built out of huge beams that took a lot of precise cutting and bolting together. We even had to get a crane truck to the job this morning to lift the beams in place. Summer, I love you and the girls and I'll see yall tomorrow night.