Friday, June 6, 2008

Life as a Single Mom : Day 7

Brynn went to work with me this morning. She was not in the best of moods when she woke up, so I didn't want my grandma to have to deal with her. I only had a few clients this morning, 1 was 1 of my friends, Allison. She is getting married tomorrow and came this morning to practice what she wanted done with her hair for the wedding. I was pleasantly surprised that she had brought me a gift.

I was very excited because 1) I love going on picnics 2) I love bread. I haven't tasted the bread yet but it smells delicious!. Thank you Allie for the gift and for being such a great friend.

I had a little break from work today, so I decided I would do something nice for Brandon. . . a little surprise. . .

I cut the grass in the back yard and let me just tell you (as if you did not already know) it is HOT!!! beyond belief. I wanted to get this done for Brandon so he would not have to worry with it on Sunday. His mom is supposed to cut the front yard with the riding mower tomorrow.

Brynn was riding her pony as a cow girl before I went back to work. she is saying "Yee Haw". Her hair looks a little crazy. While we were at the shop she wanted octopus hair.

After work, I met Summer and Rhonda at the church so we could finish and organize the crafts for VBS. While we were there we had 1 craft we needed to make sure was going to work. . . a paper weight. I needed to go to my car to get the sand. I had Brynn go with me to hold the door (it locks when you go out). Well. . .Brynn stops holding the door to come tell me she has to go to the bathroom. Which means. . . WE ARE LOCKED OUT!!!!! And as I mentioned before it is HOT!!! I banged and pounded on the door. Of course no one could hear me, they were all down the hall in a room with 6 kids with a movie going. I eventually gave up on this and went around to the back of the church and tried throwing mulch at the window. The kids saw me and do they tell Summer or Rhonda. . . NO! After several failed attempts, I gave up. As I walk back around the church I see the front door is propped open. My friends finally wonder what is taking me so long. They are panicked because Brynn told them I was gone, but were relieved when I came walking in.

Rhonda and Summer working hard on the turtles.

Me working hard on the turtles.

We are very glad to be complete (almost) with our crafts. We have everything cut out, separated, and organized into boxes. Thank goodness! It only took us a mere 5 hours!

Our Boxes

Our (my) favorite craft. . . the art caddies

I am staying alone tonight. April is staying with Brent because we worked so long on VBS stuff. She is coming in the morning to watch the girls while I go to work

Montana Update:

They are coming home tomorrow!!! Brandon said they just about finished everything on the church. Him, Drew, and the 2 others they have been riding with decided to drive some tonight heading back to SLC. Their flight leaves tomorrow with a lay over in Dallas. They are expected to be in Charlotte around 9:30 PM. Please pray for safe travel for everyone tomorrow.

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