Sunday, June 15, 2008

Family Movie Night. . .

I thought it would be fun to have a family movie night.

Last night we took baths early.

Brynn helped me transform our living room into a bedroom/movie theater while Brandon took a shower.

We had all the blankets and pillows in our house on top of the air mattress in the middle of the living room. We had an assortment of treats. . .popcorn, cookies (2 different kinds), goldfish, and teddy grahams. . . all set up for our enjoyment during our movie.

Brynn picked out the movie. Harry Potter. We all started watching the movie and enjoying our refreshments.

1 by 1 we started falling asleep. . .

1st Addie. . .

2nd Me. . . ( I don't last to long when I am all curled up in a blanket and the TV is on, especially at night)

3rd Brynn. . . (the picture speaks for itself)

The only 1 to make it to the end of the movie was Brandon. He seems to always be able to do that.

I believe we might make this a tradition. It was a great way to spend time together. . .even if we did all fall asleep!!

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Natalie Kellett said...

Love the pic with Brynn's hand in the bowl. I'm like you though. I tend to always fall asleep in movies!