Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life as a Single Mom : Day 5

Today started out good. . . no crying and in a good mood!!! Brynn was a tiny bit (10 min) late to camp this morning. This is what she did at camp:

I was able to have the morning off, so I spent some time playing with Addie. I did manage to find some time to cut out a few of my 44 butterflies for VBS, which starts on Sunday.

I don't think I have mentioned this. I am helping with the preschool crafts for VBS. Who would have thought that would be that hard? It is! Have you ever tried to choose crafts for 100 3-4 year olds that are easy to make, cute, not something that will just be thrown away, and on a budget? We have attempted to do this. It has been challenging but fun. This week we have been preparing all the crafts. . . which means we have been doing and will continue to do lots of cutting and organizing.

Brynn had fun with the puppies again today. This is a picture of her with one of the puppies. . .the cow, as it has been nicknamed. I tried to get a picture with all the puppies but right when I was taking it, the mom came walking by so all the puppies ran for milk.

At work today, I finished cutting out the remainder of the butterflies! I was very excited to have this done. I also got some good news. We are getting a new neighbor. My good friend, Stacie J's aunt is moving in the house across the street!

Tonight was pizza night at our house, so I picked up the food on the way home. Brent was nice enough to bring the girls home for me (since he was coming to see April . . . again). It was fun to have him over. He played Guitar Hero with Brynn -she loved it.

While they played Guitar Hero, I helped April make a diaper cake for a lady she works with. We ran out of diapers so we have to finish it tomorrow. I think it is coming along good though.

Montana Update:

I talked to Brandon this afternoon. He said it was raining this morning. They held off building for an hour or so to see if it would stop. No luck. They were told they could use today as their sight seeing day if they wanted to. Brandon, Drew, and 2 other people decided they would do that and went to Yellowstone National Park. He couldn't talk long but said it was beautiful. Please pray that the weather is better tomorrow so they can continue building.


Brandon said...

I had a blast today but I'm sure DJ and others will be giving us a hard time about leaving the job. It was still worth it though. I miss you guys and can't wait to come back home to you. Have a great day tomorrow. Love you.

Natalie Kellett said...

Yeah, I think DJ will give the guys a hard time for leaving. But I know they had so much fun. Drew ate boar!! HMmm. wonder how that tastes. I love reading your daily updates while he is gone. Also I love Brynns work. Man she did alot in just oneday.