Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Day. . .

Easter was a busy day. We got up and went to church which was packed! I don't think I have every seen that many people there before. We were running late as usual so we waited until we got home to see what the Bunny had left and to open the oven to see our cookies.

Brynn got a jump rope, new pajamas, and of course some candy. Addie got some clothes, a movie(which was secretly for Brynn), and some candy(for Brynn too). Our cookies turned out ok.

We then went to my dad's parents' for lunch. Brynn hunted eggs about 20 times with my aunt. Thanks Aunt Kaye! We saw my brother one last time before they headed back to Georgia.

Next, we went to Brandon's parents' for dinner. It was sooo good!! Brynn hunted eggs another 20 times. You would think she would get tired of it but no!

We finally made home around 8. Holidays around our way sure wear you out but we love spending time with our family!

Easter Egg Hunt. . .

The Friday before Easter, we went on an egg hunt with our Sunday School class. It was so much fun to watch the kids hunt for eggs. The kids were seperated into 3 different age groups - 1st group was 2 and under, 2nd group was 3-5 (I think, this was over a week ago), and 3rd group 5 and over. There were golden eggs hidden in each age group. We didn't get one but their is always next year. It was a great time to spend with friends. I hope we do it next year!

School Easter Party. . .

Brynn had her Easter party at school the Wednesday before Easter. The kids had a great time hunting eggs. When they came back in they did not care much about the food and juice. They just wanted to open their eggs and find out what was hiding inside!
I had more pictures from the egg hunt but I never could get them to download...sorry :(

Ok I am leaving the one on here from slide just to see if it works but I made another one with all the pictures at photobucket. For some reason I just can't get slide to download anything. If anyone knows why please let me know.

Ok so I am crazy! I finally got slide to work. Since I already made both I couldn't decide which to use so I just left both on here.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Egg Dyeing. . .

After we made Easter cookies we continued with our old tradition of dyeing eggs. Last year I told Brynn she had to be "patient" while the eggs were in the coloring process. Of course a 2 year old does not understand the word patient...or at least I thought. All year long when I would ask...ok most of the time tell... her to be patient about something she would quickly say, "Like the eggs Mom?" and I would say, "Yes, Brynn, Like the eggs!" So when you think they may not understand or may not listen to what you are saying...THEY DO!

So this year dyeing eggs was a lot more fun because she understood what was going on. I can't wait for Addie to be able to join in.

Easter Cookies. . .

This Easter I thought we would start a new tradition along side dyeing eggs. We made Easter cookies, a neat idea that I borrowed from Kelly. Brynn and I had a fun time making the cookies as well as learning about the Easter story.

Yes this is my child standing in a chair without pants on beating a bag of pecans with a wooden spoon!

Next came vinegar, which does not smell very good.

This step was a little challenging

A little salt

Some sugar

Mix it all together

All ready for the oven

Taping the oven up

Easter Morning...our cookies are ready!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Family Update...

Well a lot has happened over the past month...

Addie started to crawl about 3 weeks ago. She is getting into every thing. I don't really remember the whole crawling stage. Brynn didn't crawl until she was 9 months old and she walked at 10 months. So the whole crawling thing has become an issue. Addie is the COMPLETE opposite of Brynn in everything she does. This has been on different. She is opening every drawer she comes in contact with, pulling every cord she meets, oh and the sockets...thank goodness for those little covers. Brynn hasn't liked this stage either. Addie is beginning to take Brynn's toys and slobber on them which causes Brynn to have a melt down. Hopefully this is not a sign of what the future holds!

Almost as soon as Addie started crawling she started pulling up on things. She has only let go one time and she quickly feel down. She has not moved once she has pulled herself up. Honestly...I hope she doesn't....anytime soon. I don't want the walking to come.

Another event in Addie's life happened this week. She started waving and it is so cute. It is one of those backward sideways waves. She gets so excited when she waves at someone!

Other events...

Easter was fun. I plan on posting about it this week. I am still playing catch up you know!

My brother and his family were home for Georgia. We got to see their new little baby. She slept the majority of the time we saw her. It was nice to see how much she has grown in 2 months.

This is Lilli

They had some news to share with us. For those of you who may not know my brother is in the Army. He is currently stationed in Georgia at Fort Gordon. He told us that is going to be relocated to Texas. I believe he said Fort Hood which is about 60 miles from Austin. He and his family will be moving in May. He also told us that he will be leaving for Iraq sometime between September and November. The job he has should not take him out on patrols or out in the field. He will have to be in Iraq for 1 year. I am sad that he will miss so many milestones in his daughter's life, but I will pray each day before he goes and while he is there that he will come home safely so that he can experience all the milestones and special events that are to come in Lilli's life.

Chere, Blake, & Lilli

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Around Town...

Over the past month I have encountered some strange cars driving around. It has been pretty amusing. Luckily I have had my trusty camera with me in order to capture these sights to share with you guys.

In all honesty, I saw all of this in a few days.

This truck was loaded down with all kinds of stuff. As I followed him down the road I waited for something..anything to fall off. Nothing did! Everything was loaded in just right. I also was waiting for the truck to tip sure was swaying back and forth a lot. My only guess ( because he had so many shopping carts) was that maybe he was cleaning off vacant property that homeless people may have stayed.

I saw this truck the very next day and thought it had to be the same truck from the day before....WRONG!! I mean how many old green trucks are there that are carrying loads that are clearly TOO large? Apparently 2! The 1st was a Chevy the 2nd a Dodge. This one didn't seem as dangerous as the 1st but I was still cautious as I drove behind him.

Warm Days of Spring...

One Saturday not to long ago (exactly 1 month ago to be precise) the weather was exceptional nice so we decided to play outside. Santa brought Brynn a baseball set for Christmas and we haven't been able to play with it yet. We thought this would be a perfect day to pull it out.

Have you ever tried teaching a 3 year old to play baseball? It is a difficult task if I must say so myself! Some of the concepts were a little hard to grasp. For instance running the bases. She didn't get that you have to touch the bases when you run past them or that you need to stop when someone gets the ball. Oh, and when someone else hits the ball she thinks you get the ball and run around in circles.

I don't think we have a pro baseball player by any least not yet!! We did have a great afternoon spending time outside...thank goodness it is getting warmer...but most of all I enjoyed the time with my family!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Landon Conner...

Brandon's cousin Jessica had her baby February 27th. We finally have a little boy in our family!!! She named him Landon Conner. He weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and looks exactly like his Dad. We went to visit him the Sunday after he was born. Brynn had been wanting to meet him since the baby shower. I couldn't believe how much smaller he was than Addie...she seemed sooo much bigger than him. It was hard to imagine her being that small.
He slept the entire time we were there...2 hours. This was not good because he had already been asleep for 2 hours before we arrived! He is still having this problem...sleeping during the day, awake all night. Poor Jessica:(

Friday, March 21, 2008

Catch Up...

I know I have been MIA over the past month but in my defense I have been consumed ...just a the consignment sale. I plan on making numerous post over the next few days so keep your eyes open. It will be a recap of things that have occured during the past month.