Sunday, March 23, 2008

Around Town...

Over the past month I have encountered some strange cars driving around. It has been pretty amusing. Luckily I have had my trusty camera with me in order to capture these sights to share with you guys.

In all honesty, I saw all of this in a few days.

This truck was loaded down with all kinds of stuff. As I followed him down the road I waited for something..anything to fall off. Nothing did! Everything was loaded in just right. I also was waiting for the truck to tip sure was swaying back and forth a lot. My only guess ( because he had so many shopping carts) was that maybe he was cleaning off vacant property that homeless people may have stayed.

I saw this truck the very next day and thought it had to be the same truck from the day before....WRONG!! I mean how many old green trucks are there that are carrying loads that are clearly TOO large? Apparently 2! The 1st was a Chevy the 2nd a Dodge. This one didn't seem as dangerous as the 1st but I was still cautious as I drove behind him.

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Rhonda Waddell said...

Loving the new posts!! And the new pics on the right side are precious.