Sunday, March 30, 2008

School Easter Party. . .

Brynn had her Easter party at school the Wednesday before Easter. The kids had a great time hunting eggs. When they came back in they did not care much about the food and juice. They just wanted to open their eggs and find out what was hiding inside!
I had more pictures from the egg hunt but I never could get them to download...sorry :(

Ok I am leaving the one on here from slide just to see if it works but I made another one with all the pictures at photobucket. For some reason I just can't get slide to download anything. If anyone knows why please let me know.

Ok so I am crazy! I finally got slide to work. Since I already made both I couldn't decide which to use so I just left both on here.


Rhonda Waddell said...

I still can't see your slide one. I'll have to try the other one to see which one I like better.

Summer Laney said...

it worked for a little while then it stopped again. i don't know what it's problem is.