Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ending of a Chapter...

Today Brynn will graduate from preschool. It is hard to believe she is old enough to graduate from anything.

It seems just like yesterday that we walked in to Ms. Nicole's class to start our school career. She was so excited and her mommy...well...I was a little excited too!! She was going to learn new things and make new friends...and give mommy a little bit of a break!On that day I did not think about graduation. I did not think about how fast that day would come.


Today (4 very short years later) we walk out of Ms. Leigh's class and being a new journey. She again is very excited and her mommy...well...I am not that excited. I have joked that I am not looking forward to it because we will have to get up so early but in fact I am sad that I my little girl is not so little anymore.

I know she is ready for "Big School". She has learned as much as could at preschool, made some great friends, experienced some fabulous teachers, and made awesome memories.

Thanks you Ms. Nicole, Ms. Jennie, and Ms. Leigh for making our preschool years great!!!

Now that I have cried through this post lets hope I making through the actual graduation!