Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seeing the Big Guy and Going for a Ride…


Today was a busy day!!

Brynn’s school holds a Santa Breakfast each year. The girls have a pancake breakfast, make crafts, and then the Big Guy himself arrives on the fire truck!! It is always fun {and you don’t have to wait in line at the mall all day to see Santa!}



That night we went with our friends {all 23 of us} to Fountain Inn to go on a carriage ride. There was so many of us, we had to split into 2 carriages – boys and girls of course :). The kids had fun looking for all the Grinches that were hide throughout the neighborhoods.DSC_0109DSC_0111

We had dinner and decided to head to a house that was not to far away that had been on the news several times.  The house has over 200,000 lights and displays. 

DSC_0144DSC_0168DSC_0154Two times in one day!!DSC_0188

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Trip to Bethlehem…


I wanted to go to a live nativity this year but was having trouble finding one in our area. When a friend told me she found one, I quickly switched the activity we had planned to this one!!

Brynn was so funny when she read we were going on a trip to Bethlehem. She thought we were REALLY going to Bethlehem. She insisted we pack our bags, wanted to know how long we were staying there, how long it took to fly there, and if the way were going was the way to the airport!

We meet some friends there and we W A I T E D for E V E R to walk through the town of Bethlehem. It was fun going to the different shops, paying our taxes, and finding no room to sleep just like Mary and Joseph.

At the end, we were treated with hot cocoa and cookies.

I was disappointed to hear it was the last year the church would be doing it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011



It appears I forgot to get a picture of the girls doing Day 8!!

Shame on me!!

The activity for today was making Christmas cards for the shut-ins at our church.

Brynn did most of the cards {she LOVES to craft especially making cards and books}.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Trip to the Library…


After Brynn got out of school today, we stopped at the library. The girls each picked out a Christmas book. Brynn recently got her very own library card so she is excited to use it when we go.

I told the girls we were also going to something special for someone we didn’t know while we were there. The plan was to pay late fees for 5 people. Due to new privacy policies we were not able to do this. Instead, we left a donation. The librarian said when someone came in to pay their late fee she would take it out of our donation.DSC_0070

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When It’s Cold Outside…


make a cup of homemade hot chocolate!!DSC_0075

That’s exactly what we did tonight. It was delicious but I’m not so sure that Addie should have had such a sweet treat right before bed!!



off to Barnes and Noble to get a new Christmas book.

Brynn has really taken to reading! I am so glad she enjoys to read and I take any chance I can to encourage her.


Once we were home, Brynn read both books to Addie:)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Giving Back…

DSC_0059Today we took the girls to Target. We told them they could pick out any toy they wanted and we would buy it. The only catch was that they could not keep it. They would have to give it away.

Brynn understood, Addie not so much. After a few more times of Brandon and I explaining she finally understood. 

Brynn picked out a horse that she wanted to go with her American girl doll. Addie chose a Tiana Barbie from Princess and the Frog {I think it is the only princess Barbie she doesn’t have}.DSC_0063

We let the girls pay then we headed to a drop of for Toys for Tots.DSC_0064