Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 1…

DSC_0039Day 1 actually took place on Day 3 due to a family birthday on Day 1 {and the fact that I just finished crafting the countdown today!}

I decided to hang our countdown on the Christmas tree – since we have no mantel and are limited for space at our house.

I explained to the girls about the countdown and they were VERY excited. They wanted to read all the envelopes tonight! After they opened the first envelope they seemed to forget about the others.

It was only appropriate to start with a letter to Santa. DSC_0040This year has been a little hard in deciding what to get the girls for Christmas. Neither one really needs anything and haven’t asked for anything. Brynn’s one request was to go to Africa but I explained to her she was too young to go just yet…that is another story in itself.

They both sat at the table and Brynn read the letter to Addie. She was sure to explain to Addie exactly what to do and not to do.DSC_0041Brynn asked for new earrings and new art stuff. DSC_0042I let Addie fill hers out herself. She asked for a new puppy {a toy one}, a candy cane {not sure where that came from}, and a letter back from Santa.DSC_0043If you zoom in on this picture you can see Addie’s “words” she wrote herself.

Once they were done we stuck the letters in the envelope. Brynn thought our elf, Wendy, could take their letter to Santa tonight – just to make sure he gets it!


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Stacy said...

Those are cute letters. Where did you find those?