Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seeing the Big Guy and Going for a Ride…


Today was a busy day!!

Brynn’s school holds a Santa Breakfast each year. The girls have a pancake breakfast, make crafts, and then the Big Guy himself arrives on the fire truck!! It is always fun {and you don’t have to wait in line at the mall all day to see Santa!}



That night we went with our friends {all 23 of us} to Fountain Inn to go on a carriage ride. There was so many of us, we had to split into 2 carriages – boys and girls of course :). The kids had fun looking for all the Grinches that were hide throughout the neighborhoods.DSC_0109DSC_0111

We had dinner and decided to head to a house that was not to far away that had been on the news several times.  The house has over 200,000 lights and displays. 

DSC_0144DSC_0168DSC_0154Two times in one day!!DSC_0188

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