Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life as a Single Mom : Day 1

1st. . . I would like to say God bless to all the single moms in the world. I have no idea how you do the things you do day in and day out.

2nd. . . I would like to say a very big thank you to my friend, Summer M, for watching my 2 kids this morning so that I could work for a few hours. It is tough when you are use to your normal routine and things get switched up ( or in my case I didn't necessarily plan very well).

3rd. . . Brandon and the rest of the group made it safely to Montana. They arrived around 10:30 (our time). They will have church tomorrow and I think, will not start building until Monday. Please continue to pray for their safety as they begin working.

4th. . . Recap of my day (this mostly for Brandon) entitled:
Day of the Fits
The girls played at the Martin's until I got off work around 12:30. We were invited to a graduation party that started at 3. We had a great time. Brynn made some new friends. We left around 6:30. This is where Fit 1 takes place. Brynn didn't want to leave and proceeded to throw herself on the ground in the front yard. Thanks to Jenna (the graduate) Brynn made it into the car. On the way home, I mentioned we might stop at the store. We didn't because Addie fell asleep. As when pull into the driveway, you guessed it, Fit 2! We slowly make our way into the house to have baths, dinner, and early bed time (we DID NOT have naps today!!!! ). After bath time, I realized we have only 1, yes 1 diaper. I pack all of us up in our PJs to head to Target for diapers and the last and finally fit for the day! Brynn decided (after we already discussed this in the car before we got there) that she WAS going to ride in the front of the shopping cart. When I told her she couldn't Fit 3 occurred right in front of the entire store. By this point I wanted to scream.

This was about all my nerves could handle for one day. Lets hope the this is NOT how the rest of my week is going to be.

Friday, May 30, 2008

In Need of Prayer. . .

Please pray for our family over the next week.

Brandon leaves in the morning at 5 am heading to Charlotte to board a plane to "Hannah Montana" (Brynn's terms). Really his flight is to Salt Lake City. They will be driving from SLC to Montana. He will be helping frame a church there. Please pray for a safe flight there and back. Also, for good working conditions and everyones safety while working.

As for me, I will get to experience life as a single mom....can I say SCARY!!!! Not to worry, I have a plan...sort of. The genius I am didn't cut back on the hours I normally work so I will be working late next week and going in early. Brandon's mom, Tammy, and my Grandma will still be watching the girls during the day for me. My brother-in-law's girlfriend is staying with us each night so we aren't only. Hopefully, it will all work out!

We are going to be busy though! This Saturday we have a graduation party to attend (note: This will be the 1st outing by myself with both kids). Sunday there is a baby shower. Brynn has a camp 3 mornings. Finally, next Saturday I have a wedding to go to before Brandon gets home.
His flight is supposed to get in to Charlotte around 9:30 pm, which means HOPEFULLY he will be home before midnight.

I should mention that Brandon and I have NEVER spent an entire week apart since we have been together. I am a teeny bit nervous about this yet excited at the same time. I think this experience will help our relationship grow. So can you just pray that my sanity holds out and everything runs relatively smooth in our house this upcoming week

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chipped Teeth. . .

As a mom, one of my fears is that my child will knock her teeth out. Yesterday, this fear ALMOST came true.

We (Brandon, Brynn, and I) were all in my bed room. I was on the computer and Brandon was playing with Brynn. All of a sudden I hear Brynn fall and start crying. I knew immediately that she was hurt because this was not the normal "I fell down but I'm ok" cry. It was the "I am hurt" cry.

Brandon was to her before me and said her mouth was bleeding, which is never good. I, being the pessimistic person I am, thought she knocked her teeth out, her teeth are through her lip, you know, all the bad thoughts that accompany a child that has fallen and has blood coming from their mouth. As Brandon was picking her up, I notice little white chips of something (later to be determined as chips of her teeth...notice I said teeth not tooth) on the floor.

We took her in the bathroom and I had her swish some water so that I can determine where the blood was coming from. I covered her eyes while she did this, so that she would not see the blood and panic as much as I was on the inside. As I looked in her mouth, I saw that the 1st molar on the right side of mouth is chipped, the 1st molar on the left is chipped, the teeth to the left and right of her front teeth are chipped, and both her eye teeth are slightly chipped. Upon closer examination, I fine the cause of the bleeding. 1 of the pieces of chipped tooth was lodged between the her gum and the back of her 2nd tooth on the bottom.

At this point in my story, I should mention that Brynn was NOT running, but walking when the accident occurred. She did NOT trip over anything but her own feet. She also did NOT hit anything during her fall until her chin hit the carpet.

I did manage to extract the chip from her gum with tweezers...which I am sure was not very safe, but that tooth was now a little loose. Brynn was such a trooper and did not cry anymore once we were in the bathroom. I, on the other hand, was FREAKING out. All I kept imagining was that her teeth were going to fall out or turn black and she was going to look like one of those poor kids whose parents don't really care about their teeth. If her teeth did fall out, she wouldn't have new teeth for YEARS!!!!

While in the bathroom she did ask if her teeth were broken. I said just a little. She then asked if she could get new ones in the morning. A little humor amidst my fears.

Brandon tried to assure me that she would be fine and her teeth would be fine. I wanted to take her to the dentist the next morning, but he said no. I did call one of my clients (the next morning) who is a dental hygienist, and she was able to calm my nerves by explaining to me all her teeth should be fine as long as she was not crying in pain with them. She said her only concern would be the bottom tooth, we should watch for swelling. If no swelling by Monday, we should be in the clear. What a relief!!!

As of right now, the bottom tooth looks a 100 times better. She says her mouth does not hurt. The chipped places on all her teeth are not real noticeable, and according to my client she should have new teeth in about 2-3 years.

Aw, the joys of parenthood!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a weekend. . .

Our busy weekend actually started on Thursday and ended on Sunday.

Thursday was Brynn's last day of school. A very sad day because she will be going downstairs next year to the "big kids" rooms. She will not be a baby anymore:( She had a great year this year and I am sure she will miss Ms. Jennie and Ms. Paula very much, but we will come to visit.

Brynn and Ms. Jennie

Brynn's friends hugging her good-bye.

After school and work we headed to Lake Murray for Brent's fishing Tournament.

Friday morning we got up and went to the lake bank and met a new friend.

After breakfast we headed to Edventure, the children's "moozum" (Brynn's word for museum). If you have never visited this museum, it is worth the trip. We had so much fun. I think Brynn's favorite things were the grocery store and the fire station. She was a little scared of the giant boy when we arrived but by the time we were leaving she had warmed up to Ed (not sure if this is his name but this is what we called him. Once we left, Brynn asked over and over when we were going to go back. I wish had had longer to spend at the museum, but we had to head back to the lake for Brent's weigh-in.


This was Brent's big fishing day. He made it to the final round in the tournament. We were all very pround of him. He had been in the top 10 throughout the tournament. On the last day he was paired with a pro that didn't really give Brent a chance to fish, so he only was able to catch 1 fish that day. He finished in 17th place out of 108 anglers! He won a cash prize!

Once the tournament was over, we headed back to Spartanburg for a cookout with our friends (Martin's and Waddell's). The kids had a great time shivering their behinds off on the waterslide. We enjoyed some good conversation and (of course) some Guitar Hero with our friends.


Shame on us, but we missed church to catch up on some much needed sleep. The camper is not exactly the best place to get rest and relaxation. We did make it to church Sunday night for Awana Awards night. This was offically the last night of Cubbies until the fall. Awana is such a great program for kids and parents. I was really surprised how easily Brynn was able to remember the Bible verses each week. We both learned alot about the Bible over the past year. You would really be amazed to know who big Noah's ark really was! I would like to say a special thank you to Brynn's teachers, Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Tracy. She loves you both!!

This ended our very long, very busy, very fun weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sleeping. . .

Both my girls sleep ALL over the bed like most kids. A few weeks ago I went in to wake them up and this is how I found them. . .

Brynn hanging half way off the bed and yes she is still completely asleep.

Addie with her head completely under the covers (how safe is that) and very much asleep.

And Brandon wonders why I don't like to sleep with them.

Tennessee Girls. . .

This post is mainly for Brandon's brother, Brent. He is a die hard fan of Tennessee. During the fall, he went to a game and brought the girls shirts back. We love them very much. Thanks Brent!

And yes I know my poor Addie looks like a little boy. I am certain she will kill me some day for this picture and wonder why this was the only time she didn't have a bow in.

New Superstar. . .

Not only has Brandon been enjoying his new birthday present, but so has Brynn. I think she loves Guitar Hero more than her Daddy. She straps on HER pink guitar every chance she gets. We put the game on practice mode and she thinks she plays the song all by herself.

It has been pretty hilarious watching her because she really gets into it. 1st her head starts bopping and before long the rest of her body is moving to the beat. She MUST get her rhythm from Brandon because I have NONE!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Biltmore House. . .

Last weekend we went to the Biltmore house with Brandon's parents and grandparents. I was very excited about going because Brandon and I had not been in a few years. We had a great time... the weather wasn't that nice, but we were able to go the gardens before the rain and cold were too bad. We were able to see some new rooms that had opened since the last time we had gone. We were there for about 3-4 hours and I am pleased to say we had no outburst or emotional breakdowns from either of the girls!!! On another good note, Brandon's parents upgraded our tickects to season passes!!! Now, we will be able to go back when the weather is much nicer and in the fall!

Happy Birthday to. . .

My wonderful hubby, Brandon! Today Brandon turns 24!! I hope he has a great day at work. I also hope he enjoys what the girls and I have planned for him. I am making his favorite dinner (stuffed chicken), and I got his favorite cake (Spartan Bakery cake squares). Brynn made him a special birthday card from all of us. As for the gift, Brandon received it a few weeks ago....Guitar Hero. Thanks Joe and Mandy for introducing this to him. I do have a surprise gift from my family...another guitar for his game.