Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life as a Single Mom : Day 1

1st. . . I would like to say God bless to all the single moms in the world. I have no idea how you do the things you do day in and day out.

2nd. . . I would like to say a very big thank you to my friend, Summer M, for watching my 2 kids this morning so that I could work for a few hours. It is tough when you are use to your normal routine and things get switched up ( or in my case I didn't necessarily plan very well).

3rd. . . Brandon and the rest of the group made it safely to Montana. They arrived around 10:30 (our time). They will have church tomorrow and I think, will not start building until Monday. Please continue to pray for their safety as they begin working.

4th. . . Recap of my day (this mostly for Brandon) entitled:
Day of the Fits
The girls played at the Martin's until I got off work around 12:30. We were invited to a graduation party that started at 3. We had a great time. Brynn made some new friends. We left around 6:30. This is where Fit 1 takes place. Brynn didn't want to leave and proceeded to throw herself on the ground in the front yard. Thanks to Jenna (the graduate) Brynn made it into the car. On the way home, I mentioned we might stop at the store. We didn't because Addie fell asleep. As when pull into the driveway, you guessed it, Fit 2! We slowly make our way into the house to have baths, dinner, and early bed time (we DID NOT have naps today!!!! ). After bath time, I realized we have only 1, yes 1 diaper. I pack all of us up in our PJs to head to Target for diapers and the last and finally fit for the day! Brynn decided (after we already discussed this in the car before we got there) that she WAS going to ride in the front of the shopping cart. When I told her she couldn't Fit 3 occurred right in front of the entire store. By this point I wanted to scream.

This was about all my nerves could handle for one day. Lets hope the this is NOT how the rest of my week is going to be.

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