Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a weekend. . .

Our busy weekend actually started on Thursday and ended on Sunday.

Thursday was Brynn's last day of school. A very sad day because she will be going downstairs next year to the "big kids" rooms. She will not be a baby anymore:( She had a great year this year and I am sure she will miss Ms. Jennie and Ms. Paula very much, but we will come to visit.

Brynn and Ms. Jennie

Brynn's friends hugging her good-bye.

After school and work we headed to Lake Murray for Brent's fishing Tournament.

Friday morning we got up and went to the lake bank and met a new friend.

After breakfast we headed to Edventure, the children's "moozum" (Brynn's word for museum). If you have never visited this museum, it is worth the trip. We had so much fun. I think Brynn's favorite things were the grocery store and the fire station. She was a little scared of the giant boy when we arrived but by the time we were leaving she had warmed up to Ed (not sure if this is his name but this is what we called him. Once we left, Brynn asked over and over when we were going to go back. I wish had had longer to spend at the museum, but we had to head back to the lake for Brent's weigh-in.


This was Brent's big fishing day. He made it to the final round in the tournament. We were all very pround of him. He had been in the top 10 throughout the tournament. On the last day he was paired with a pro that didn't really give Brent a chance to fish, so he only was able to catch 1 fish that day. He finished in 17th place out of 108 anglers! He won a cash prize!

Once the tournament was over, we headed back to Spartanburg for a cookout with our friends (Martin's and Waddell's). The kids had a great time shivering their behinds off on the waterslide. We enjoyed some good conversation and (of course) some Guitar Hero with our friends.


Shame on us, but we missed church to catch up on some much needed sleep. The camper is not exactly the best place to get rest and relaxation. We did make it to church Sunday night for Awana Awards night. This was offically the last night of Cubbies until the fall. Awana is such a great program for kids and parents. I was really surprised how easily Brynn was able to remember the Bible verses each week. We both learned alot about the Bible over the past year. You would really be amazed to know who big Noah's ark really was! I would like to say a special thank you to Brynn's teachers, Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Tracy. She loves you both!!

This ended our very long, very busy, very fun weekend!

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