Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday. . .

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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Trip of "Minnie" Firsts...


About a year ago, several of my friends were talking about doing a group trip to Disney. I thought this was a great idea and would be lots of fun, so I joined the bandwagon. Brandon wasn't so sure about the whole idea at first. I just started saving and began working on him to change his mind. A few months went by and Brandon had come to realize we WERE going.

Fast forward another 6 months...
We started talking about the possibility of flying. We got such a great deal on our trip, why not see how much it would be to fly. My GREAT friend, Summer, who planned EVERYTHING, started watching for a good deal on a flight. A month before we planned to leave, a really good deal came our way!!

I should mention I have NEVER, EVER flown. The fact that I was flying and both my children were flying in the same plane for the very 1st time was a HUGH deal to me. If you know anything about me, I always think the worst is going to happen and this was no exception. I kept thinking the plane would crash, Brandon and I would die and my kids would survive as orphans. I know C-R-A-Z-Y...but that is just how my brain works.

Fast forward another month...
Time to head to the magical place were all your dreams come true!!! The procrastinator I am waited to mere hours before we are to arrive at the airport to begin packing! I think 1 reason or the REAL reason was I was nervous about the whole flying thing. It had been raining most of the day and as we were driving to the airport it started to rain hard! My nerves were getting to me but I tried not to think about it.

2 hours passed, time to get on the plane. Brynn was very excited so she sat by the window. Addie fell asleep, so I held her. Brandon sat by the aisle. The Martin's were sitting in the 2 rows in front of us.

The plane started down the run way and we were off. We had lots of turbulence because we were flying through storms! The seatbelt sign never went off. A long, long hour and twenty minutes later, we landed in non-raining, no coat wearing Florida SAFE and sound!!!

We picked up our rental car...economy size...thank goodness for the Martin's car or we would have had luggage straped to the roof!!!and headed to the closest hotel to spend the night (6 hours) before driving to DISNEY!!!