Friday, April 18, 2008

Guess What Today Is. . .

The day I meet Jon and Kate!!!! I can't believe it is finally here. I will fill everyone in on the details later. I am in for a long day!

  • Brynn to school
  • Work
  • Pick Brynn up
  • Drop her off at home
  • Meet Rhonda and Summer
  • Grab some lunch
  • Off to start the line to meet the Gosselines!!!

Yes, you read correctly. We are going to wait in line so that we will hopefully get front row seats. It may sound crazy but we want to see them up close!!!

I'll let you know how it goes!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Picky Eater. . .

I guess Brandon and I should have seen it coming. We are both extremely picky eaters. When we had Brynn we thought she would be the same way...WRONG! She eats alot of things, alot of things that most kids probably wouldn't eat. She may not be a picky eater but she is picky about when she wants to eat, which is the problem.

Addie, on the other hand, is our picky eater. I can already tell she is going to eat nothing...and when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING!! I have been trying for some time now to get her to eat baby food or any kind of food for that matter. In baby food, she will only eat fruits, a few...VERY FEW vegetables, and ABSOLUTELY NO meats!! In real food, she has eaten green beans, french fries, and her favorite animal cookies. I keep trying and she keeps gagging. When I say gagging I mean all out gagging. She shakes her head and gets the chills.

I try to sneak the foods she seems to not like in between the foods she does like. This doesn't work either. I think I am going to give up and come to the conclusion that she is definitely my child which means she will be a picky eater!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break. . .

Where to begin?? Well, Spring Break started and ended with birthdays.

Monday was a very busy day! Our friends Jake and Ella Kate came over in the morning to play. Boy did they play...I didn't realize Brynn had sooo many toys. They played very well one was left out and there was not much tattling. Tattling has become a new thing in our house. Brynn thinks she needs to tell me EVERYTIME Addie or someone else does something that Brynn thinks is not ok. It is getting a bit annoying but we are working on this. Anywho back to the story at hand.

Ella and I played dress up. Doesn't she look beautiful in her crown?
Jake and Brynn cooked us lunch. Very appetizing!

After the Waddells left, we got ready for Zachary's birthday party at Pump It Up! Brynn had been looking forward to this for awhile. All day long I kept hearing "Are we going to Zachary's party NOW?" We finally made it there and it was so much fun...for the kids and the adults.

Wednesday, I took the majority of the day off to spend alittle alone time with Brynn. Surprisingly my good child was back. The Brynn before Addie that is. No whining, no clinging, she actually listened, and did what I asked her to do!! Wow, I couldn't believe it. We went to Monkey Joe's with some friends from church. We were there for a couple hours. The kids played nonstop while the moms talked. A great time for all!

Brynn climbing the giant inflatable

Saturday, was Ella Kate's princess party. Brynn had been looking forward to dressing like a princess all week. We went to the party early to help get things ready. Brynn and Ella Kate were both dressed as Cinderella. The party was so fun. Rhonda did a great job. Everything was pink just right for all the princesses. Pink cupcakes, pink cookies, pink yogurt, and pink lemonade. The girls made wands, had their nails painted and had their hair curled. They got the royal treatment.

Rhonda made the cake!

Brynn LOVED those cookies...


Ella Kate LOVED those cupcakes!!

Brynn's wand

Sunday, we went to Brandon's parent's after church. Brynn played outside riding her bicycle and power wheel. I will have pictures soon.

I was sad for spring break to come to an end. I sure did enjoy sleeping in but summer will be here soon and I can't wait!!

I can't wait until next Spring Break. Hopefully, we will be going on a trip to a magical place in Flordia...if I can talk Brandon into it!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Shoes. . .

Today, Brandon's mom, Tammy, Addie and I made a trip to McMahan Shoes. Addie has started pulling up over the past couple of weeks and over the past few days she has been standing on her own....for just a few seconds...but still, she is standing on her own.

I bought her some shoes about a month ago to help with her crawling but Tammy was a little concerned about her feet and felt Addie needed a bit more support. Poor thing...both her little feet have a tendency to turn to the right when she is standing and she stands on the sides of her feet at times. Brandon and his brother both had their 1st pair of shoes from McMahan's and Tammy wanted to get Addie her 1st pair from there also.

She was such a good little patron. Addie sat very still in my lap as the lady measured her foot. She measured between a 2 1/2 and a 3. Addie watched the lady very closely as she tried a 3 (they looked enormous on her tiny feet). Addie gave the sales lady a little trouble by curling her toes up so we distracted her and the lady was able to get the shoe on but felt they were a tad too big. She then tried the 2 1/2...perfect fit!

Addie was very curious about these new fixtures on her feet as she stood very proudly for the lady to check the fit. Once she was back in her car seat she began to check them out...with her mouth of course! She as been adjusting to her new shoes, figuring out how to stand up in them and crawl in them. It is unreal how much the shoes have helped her to balance. I think they are going to be a big help.

Thanks Mimi for the new shoes!

Notice Addie has already scuffed the toes!