Friday, December 12, 2008

Upward Cheerleading. . .

~~~~~I looking at my post list and realized I never made this post~~~~~

I thought I would let Brynn try an activity for the 1st time. She turned 4 this year. All her friends were doing something so I figured this must be the age when extra activities begin. So what better place to start than Upward Cheerleading!

I guess we should work on giving up our sippey cup before she turns 5!Team Photo2 Silly Little Girls
Brynn IS NOT a morning person and we really realized this about 1/2 way through the season. She just wanted to sit on her bucket until 1/2time and after that she was ready to cheer.
Before 1/2time:After 1/2time:
She had a wonderful season, but we have decided to hold off on basketball cheerleading. We will pick back up in the fall....maybe :)
Brynn with Coach SummerBrynn with Coach GGetting her award


Stacy C. said...

I just noticed the pictures on the sidebar. The one with Santa it so good!

Rhonda said...

Maybe we'll hold off until next YEAR!!! And I don't think I posted this either now that you mention it!

Rhonda said...

Background and pics look good too!