Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day...


We are celebrating tomorrow. Brandon has been doing a job for his dad and has not been getting home until late. Tonight was no exception. The girls and I shared a nice dinner together...nothing great just mash potatoes and peas. I know all of you are thinking yum...yum. But it was quick and Brynn will actually eat this. Hopefully my dinner will be better tomorrow.

Brandon and I will have a date night!! We have not had one in awhile. I think we both need some time ALONE together. The girls are spending the night with Mimi. Our plans....dinner...and of course the $2 movies. PS I Love You is playing which I am sure Brandon will not want to see but it is for Valentine's and I think a sappy love story is appropriate.

Brynn had her party at school ice cream party. The kids enjoyed the chocolate and "banilla" ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. They also had a cherry on top, which none of the kids ate. After ice cream each child handed out their cards/candy. A little boy, Seth, was very excited with one of his gifts. He said,"Look!!! I got seeds!!! Ms. Jennie, I got SEEDS!" The seeds, of course, were not seeds at all, just Nerds. I thought it was quite funny. They were all so cute.

Instead of giving candy, Brynn and I made heart shaped crayons as her Valentine's gift. She was so excited to give all her friends a heart.

A funny thing happened with one of the hearts. Ms Jennie told me after the party one of the mother's was in the classroom opening her son's gifts. She opened Brynn's gift and took a bite out of it! Ms. Jennie said she couldn't get the words out fast enough to tell her it was a crayon. I couldn't believe could someone think this was food. It clearly had the crayon smell. This poor women had to feel a little...probably alot...stupid. I guess next year we will have to attach a warning : WARNING!!! DO NOT EAT!!!


Alison said...

I love the crayons! You are so creative! I hope you have a great date night. You both deserve it! :)

Summer Martin said...

I am so glad you and Brandon are getting a date night. Everybody needs one!! Jamie has to work all weekend. The mom who ate the crayons was also the same mom who lets an 85 year old lady who can barely walk pick up her wild son from school.

Rhonda Waddell said...

I sure hope that mom doesn't read your blog. :)
You're just too crafty!! And I'm a bad mother....I forgot my camera yesterday!!

Summer Laney said...

I'm pretty sure she want!!

kelly said...

Yay to date nights!
The lady that ate the crayon is a nut! :-) (And I hope she doesn't read your blog!)
I love Brynn's red finger nails!
Can you post directions for making the heart crayons? You are so crafty!

Summer Laney said...

You need a heart shaped silcon mold, I have a Wiltons one. You can probably find one cheap since it is after V Day. Break the crayons into pieces, halves work good,placing in each mold. 4-6 whole crayons make a nice heart. Heat oven to 250 and bake 10-15 minutes. Take out and put in freezer about 10 minutes. The crayons should pop right out. Happy baking!!

Natalie Kellett said...

love the crayons. I will need to do that oneday :). I'm glad you guys got a date night and you deserve to go to a girly movie. Valentines is really a girl holiday :) Anyway, I'll see you guys tonight.