Monday, November 24, 2008

Girl's Night. . .

Brynn and I had a girl's night a few Fridays ago. We went to the movies. I have never taken her to the movies. It is something Brandon and her usually do together.

We went to see Madagascar 2. We loved the 1st 1 and by loved I mean we have seen it close to 1000 times...not kidding. It was 1 of the 1st movies Brynn ever watched all the way through. So I figured we should go see the 2nd.

She still had some money left from her birthday and I thought this was something she could use it for. We got our tickets and went to the concession stand. We both got our favorites...Brynn - sour watermelon gummies, me - nachos and cheese (I know disgusting, but I love it). I haven't been to the movies in a while and I guess I had forgotten how expensive it can be. This is when the MasterCard commercial starts running through my head...
Movie Tickets:$15.75

Seeing that smile: Priceless

We picked out just the right sit and waited for the movie to start.

I thought it was a little long. Brynn wanted to leave when the movie had about 20 minutes left but we stayed. It had some parts that I thought were not very appropriate. I have to say we love Madagascar way more than Madagascar 2.

All in all we had fun spending time together by ourselves!!

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