Monday, November 24, 2008

Mircacle Round. . .

or better known as a merry go round!

Brandon's mom has a new Christmas merry go round and Brynn loves it. She puts her happy meal Barbies in it to go for a ride. She loves the music that it plays. She stands there for what seems like hours watching it go round and round. The entire time she keeps telling everyone to come look at her new miracle round.

We have all tried and tired to tell her that it is called a MERRY GO round but she is very insistent that it is called a MIRACLE round. So from now until she decides to call it the correct word, we will all have to call it the miracle round.

1 comment:

the voice of melody said...

That's so cute! But in a way, miracles do keep going 'round so she does have a point. ;)