Monday, November 24, 2008

A Funny. . .

Setting- our house, a Disney commercial is on featuring none other than Cinderella's castle.

Brynn: (speaking as if she is about to burst out of her skin) Mom, did you call it in?

Me: (confused) Did I call what in?

Brynn: Did you call in my pump it up party for when I am this many (holds up her 5 fingers).

Me: No...I haven't done that yet. (If you remember, she just had her party 2 months ago...I guess she is a planner like me.)

Brynn: (even more excited than before) GREAT!!!! I don't want to have my party there. I want to have my party at.....DISNEY WORLD!!!!! and have all my friends come.

Me: Well...umm...we'll have to see about that.


Stacy C. said...

So this is my RSVP 5 please and can we get the hopper passes? That is too funny!!!

Jo Ellen said...

"Ew!Ew!" Jo Ellen and her girls yell with hands raised. "Invite us to your party at Disney!"

Amber Hill said...

She's so funny. If I keep reading, you're never going to have anything to tell me about when you cut my hair.

Summer Laney said...

Before everyone gets TOO excited about this whole Disney thing, you must note that I never said that is where our party is going to be :) but if it is you'll be the 1st to hear about it!

Amber, thanks for reading and I promise not to post ALL my stories!

Jennifer said...

Tyler would like to be invited to this Disney party and he will have at least his mommy and daddy w/ him... To funny, I could see your face when she said that.. Well at least she gave you 3 yrs to save up for