Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brynn's Birthday Extravaganza. . .

This year Brynn's actual birthday was on a Wednesday. She woke up to a cupcake and happy birthday. It is only once a year that she gets a cupcake for breakfast! I took cupcakes to school for her class. I don't think she knew what to think having 2 cupcakes in less than 2 hours! After school, we went to lunch at the mall with some of her friends. I sort of had ulterior motives in asking them to lunch. Brynn really wanted her ears pierced as her gift from me and Brandon and after several discussions we decided to get it done. She didn't want to wait until the weekend when both ears could be done at the same time. She wanted it done 1 at a time. Strange, I know.

Brandon was working and wanted pictures and video hence the reason for my friends. I had no idea if she was going to scream, freak out, or what. I surely couldn't hold her down (if needed) and take pictures and video the whole event. So my dear friends came to lunch with their kids and stayed to watch the whole ordeal.

3 boys and 1 girl, who already has her ears pierced, watched eagerly to see what was going to happen. Brynn had assured them and me several times that she was NOT going to cry. We picked out a pair of earrings. The lady, who I am sure must have thought we were crazy having all of 8 people watching this little girl get her ears pierced, explained each step to Brynn. 1st she cleaned her ears. 2nd dotted her ears with a purple marker exactly where the earring was to go. 3rd she pierced the left ear. No screaming !! 4th the right ear. Again, no screaming...not even a tear... not even a single flinch. The child was remarkable. I couldn't believe it. She hopped right out of the chair, looked up at me and said " See Mom, I told you I wouldn't cry!" and walked proudly over to her friends to show off her new accessories.We had her party on Saturday at a horse farm in Cowpens. My friends brought Brynn to her party so that I could get some things done before the party. On the way to the party, Brynn realized that she was missing an earring!!! This was not good. My friend called to tell me and by the time they got to the party (10 minutes mind you) the hole was closed. At the time I had no idea when the earring came out. We calmed her down and assured her we would get it fixed after the party.

The farm was so nice. The kids had a great time. For the 1st hour everyone took turns riding 2 horses around a pasture. Each ride lasted several minutes and each kid rode more than once. They were captivated by the horses.

Brynn and Zachary Ella and KarsonBrycenAndrew and JakeMe and Addie Karson and TracySummerElla and RhondaMy Aunt Judy,who has never riden a horseBrynn and MimiLivi wanted no part of the horses. We tried and tried, but she wasn't having it.

After that, we went on the longest hay ride I have ever been on. It was really fun and the kids enjoyed it.

We had cake next.

Finally, we opened gifts. This would have to be my favorite birthday party so far.If you ever want a horse party let me know!

Back to the earring problem...

After the party, my friend called the ear piercing place to find out if we could come and have it redone and if it was going to cost. The place said we would have to wait 2...2 weeks before it could be done again and we would have to pay!!! I couldn't believe it.

That night during bath time, I asked Brynn if she knew how she lost her earring and she said "the seatbelt clipped it out". I asked her if she saw the earring and she said yes she had it in her hand and threw it on the floor. I asked her why did she do that and she said "I didn't want to get a whoopin' ". 1st I have to say I don't know where she got the word "whoopin' ". 2nd I think she though this because I told her she would be in BIG trouble if she pulled her earrings out. The next day, my friend looked in her car and low and behold the earring was still in her car. Amazing...I know!

We waited 10 days and I decided to call the place back and talk to the manager who informed me that you only have to wait 48 hours and I would not have to pay to have it redone. We went later that afternoon to have the left her repierced. Once again, Brynn was a little trooper. Not a single flinch!


About a month after the repiercing of the left ear, the right earring fell out. Luckily, this time it had been more than 2 days and I was there when it came out and put my earring in. I think the set of earrings must have been faulty. Now Brynn refuses to let me change the earrings so that they match. At the moment she is wearing 1 hoop and 1 diamond. We get asked all the time if I know she is wearing 2 different earrings.


Rhonda said...

How funny - and I've never noticed that she's still wearing 2 different earrings!!!

Stacy C. said...

I can't believe she didn't even cry. Zoe wants her done but I know she will cry.

The horse party looked great. Again Zoe would like to have one but it's always so cold.

Rhonda said...

They're right. ;)
And I just noticed my face - I think I'll start smiling for pictures!