Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Crazy Sunday. . .

Sunday was a very busy day for us. We went to church at 9:30- we actually made it on time this week. We were there before 9:30. This alone was an accomplishment! After worship Brandon and i helped sell t-shirts for our groundbreaking/20th anniversary ceremony that will be held on January 27th. It will be an exciting day in our church. Next we went to Sunday school. We love our class. This Sunday was very crowded and we got there late so there was no where to sit. Our friend, Micheal, surprised his wife, Rhonda, with cake and ice cream. Her birthday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHONDA!!!!

After church, we had a quick lunch and headed to Brandon's parent's. We were all going to Laurens to celebrate his great grandmother's 92nd birthday, which is also today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNIE RUBY!!! She has overcome so many things in her life. It was nice to see and spend time with Brandon's family. It was a quick visit.

Back to church we went for a meeting about the groundbreaking , that i missed. Kids cause you to miss a lot. After the meeting, I helped with the preschool choir. They are all so cute. It amazes me how fast they are able to pick up the songs. Brandon stayed for body building- not a work out but a class on Sunday nights.

Finally we made it home around 8. What a busy day! It was fun and exhausting at the same time.


Natalie Kellett said...

Summer don't feel bad because I always feel were running late to church. And you have two little ones so I can't imagine. It sounds like a busy but really fun sunday. Have a great week girl!!

Rhonda Waddell said...

Thanks Summer :)
Glad I made the blog!!