Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ouch. . .

On Thursday, Addie had to have her 4 month shots. No fun. Since this is my 2nd time at this, it does not bother me as much as it did with Brynn. Probably because i know what to expect. Brynn was very good with her shots, she only cried 1 time out of the shots. I was very lucky. Addie on the other hand screams like someone is trying to kill her- not so lucky.

She had to have 3 shots- 1 in her right leg and 2 in the left leg. Brynn was with me and i tried to explain to her what was going to happen. I told her it would be like when she had a flu shot except it was going to be in Addie's legs not her arm. I told Brynn that Addie might cry because she does not understand what is going on. Brynn seemed ok with the whole thing.

Well that was until the nurse gave Addie the 1st shot. She began screaming. Brynn's little face was filled with great concern for her sister. She looked at me with her big eyes as if she were saying,"Mom stop that lady from hurting my sister. Please help her!" As i consoled Addie, I also tried consoling Brynn telling her Addie would be fine, the nurse was just helping her so she would not be sick in the future.

Brynn felt special because she helped look after Addie's new boo-boos. Addie had no reaction to the shots which was great!

Poor little girl had a bad week though shots and a scratched eye. On Tuesday, she scratched underneath her eye in 3 spots. She looked like she had been in a fight. Hopefully this week will be less exciting.


Alison said...

Aww.. poor Addie. I showed Patrick the pictures and the first thing he said was oh my gosh that is Brandon! She is so cute and is growing up so fast! We miss ya'll. We need to talk about when we can get together1

Summer said...

I know she is a little brandon. we don't have anything that saturday the 2nd. the party was moved to sunday. we can come down that morning.