Friday, December 21, 2007

Brynn's Christmas Party!!

Brynn had her Christmas party on Wednesday and she was very excited. Me on the other hand no so much. i tend to over do it at times and sign on for a little more than i can handle. this would be one of those times. This has been a very hectic week at work and at home, but i still think i can be Super Mom. We made chocolate covered candy canes as gifts for all her little friends. Brynn helped which was very interesting since i like things to be perfect. i made reindeer cookies, that turned out to be a lot more work than i had anticipated. The end result was worth the trouble.

i had to get a gift for the gift exchange last minute because the gift i orginally bought, is lost... no where to be found. Barbie came to the rescue which was ironic because Brynn's gift from Livi was also Barbie. All in all the party was fun and the kids loved the cookies.


Summer Martin said...

It really looks like yall had fun at Brynn's Christmas party. I thought the cookies looked wonderful. I am jealous because I never get to even go to Zachary's parties.

alison said...

I love the cookies! You are so creative! I also love Brynn's dress!