Saturday, December 22, 2007

Adventures in Babysitting. . .

On Saturdays i usually work a couple of hours and Brandon is at home with the girls. Today was no different except he had one extra little girl. My friend from work, who typically doesn't work on Saturday, had to work and had no one to watch her daughter, Carly. The nice friend i am volunteers my husband. He has watched Carly before, but that was before Addie. Brandon reluquently agreed and i have to admit i was a little worried. Not that he would not be able to take care of them but that his nerves would not survive.

At 11:17, i got the phone call that comes just about every Saturday that i work, "Are you done yet and how long before you will be here?" Well, I had only been at work since 9:30 and Carly came over at 9:45 so i was concerned that he was already calling. To my surprise it was not the number one question but the number two..."Will you bring lunch... soon." that he was calling about.

When i got home, with lunch at 11:40, Brandon was relieved of his babysitting duties. He informed me that he had already cleaned Brynn's room 2 times because a category 5 tornado/hurricane had come through, and by the looks of things possibly a 3rd. It was fine, i was just excited to see smiles on everyones face including his. i am very lucky to have such a great husband!!

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alison said...

What a great husband!! :)