Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Busy Weekend. . .

Once again our weekend has flown by. I think we try to cram as many things in as possible. This weekend was filled with a variety of good events. On Saturday after work, we traveled to Laurens to visit Brandon's great grandmother, Granny Ruby. She is in her early 90's. She is so nice and full of lots of stories. She usually has this room mate that yells at Brynn -- "Come to me. Come to me." She does this over and over the entire time we are there. But she wasn't there this time so it was quiet and we could really enjoy our time with Granny Ruby.

Brandon, Granny Ruby, Addie, Me, Brynn

Sunday was jammed pack at church. Both our families were there and our friends, Patrick and Ali, from Lexington, because i was BAPTIZED!! i was very nervous because i do not like to be in front of a lot of people, but i over came. In Sunday school we have Focus on the Family, well of course this Sunday was our turn. It was fun to look through old pictures, but hard to choose just a few. We had our Christmas drama/musical Sunday afternoon, which was not the typiacl Christmas program, but it was good.

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alison said...

I hope ya'll have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) I will call you later this week about the 29th!