Saturday, December 22, 2007

And it begins. . .

Well our crazy Christmas offically starts today!! It should have started last night but we skipped a party. Tonight we are going out to eat for Brandon's work party. I don't fully understand why we are doing this since the only people that work with Brandon are his family, but whatever it's a free meal. Tomorrow after church we have Christmas with Brandon's mom side of the family. The real fun starts Monday, Christmas Eve, at 4 we have Christmas with Brandon's family and with my family at 7:30. We will get home, rush to get the girls in bed, and SANTA will come!! Christmas morning is going to be so much fun this year. Brynn is in to Santa so i can't wait to see her face. Around lunch time we head to the big town of Inman for my dad's side only to rush to Pauline by 3 for Brandon's dad's side. Busy, busy, busy. I guess it wouldn't be Christmas if it wasn't. Merry Christmas everyone!

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