Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Pedicure and Geography Lesson. . .

I went for a pedicure this weekend and had to take both the girls with me. Crazy...I know!! A 2 year old and a 5 year much for relaxation!!!

The place I went to had a smaller chair for kids so Brynn used her graduation money to get a pedicure. I was a few (5) chairs down from her and couldn't really hear the conversation she was having with the lady doing her pedicure.

A few hours after we left (I had to go to a wedding rehearsal)I was talking to her about the pedicure. She told me the lady was very nice and was asking her old are you, what's your name???

Then she told me she thought the lady talked a little funny so she asked the lady where she was from. I asked Brynn what the lady told her and she said very matter of fact "Doorknob!"

I was trying my best not to laugh and asked her "Doorknob?? Are you sure??"

She told me yes the lady said she was from Doorknob, but she was hard to understand.

After a couple of minutes Brandon and I finally came to the conclusion that she was from Vietnam. Brynn said " Yeah....that's what she said Vitknob!!"

So apparently there is a new country in the world called Vitknob!!

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Leigh said...

Toooooo funny!! :)