Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Little Chat...

Tonight Addie and I were having a little chat about her birthday party (it"s not until August but I was trying to get an idea going).

She told me she wanted a "hincess" party with all pink.

Then I asked her who she wanted to come to her "hincess" party. She told me the boys!


I told her boys can't come to a "hincess" party.
She then informed me...
"Umm Hmm....they are my favorite!!!"

OH MY!! Isn't this a little soon to be having boys on the mind!!!

2 seconds later...

Addie says "Boys Drool"

I asked her who told her that.....Ms. Joy!!!

I plan on thanking Ms.Joy the next time I see her :)


Rhonda said...

Love that baby :). Boys might drool but don't forget she loves "Hicael" enough to spend the night with him!! :)

Stacy said...

Sweet Addie and the!!!