Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 4th Celebration. . .

*I Know This Post Is A Little Late But I Kept Forgetting to Post It*

We had a great July 4th. We were blessed to spend the day with our friends the Waddells.

Our patriotic toes courtesy Tracy Harrison

We met at the pool and the kids had fun swimming. Addie is becoming such a good little walker, but this has become an issue when we go to the pool. She wants to jump right in with the big kids, so I have to keep my eye on this little sneak. Unfortunately, a storm came up and we had to leave the pool a little sooner than expected.
A sweet moment


Dancing while eating Cheetos

Addie in her float

We had dinner and then the guys went to get some fireworks.

This is the ice cream cake I made that gave me frost bite!! It turned out so pretty but my poor little fingers suffered the consequences!! Not to worry, I have regained felling them!!

The kids (Jake and Brynn) seemed to enjoy the sparklers! Addie was out before really getting to see any of them and Ella was not into all the noise!

Ella hiding from the fireworks

Jake watching the fireworks

Jake and Brynn with sparklers

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Rhonda said...

You got some really cute pictures!